Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video #2 ~ Comments


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Cool beans, I changed my settings and added the pop up window, too. Yay!

I don't like the word verification thing, either.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thanks for stopping by Miss Fuzzette. Your blog does something I have only seen a couple of times. It generates a new tab every time a page reloads.

You'll love the drop down window. Your readers will commenting much quicker and without the page reloading.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

I did the load in a new tab thing because when I'm reading a post, click a link, and am swept away to the new site, I rarely make it back to finish the article I was reading in the first place. It's also kind of selfish because when I am writing posts, I don't like to have keep paging back and forth; it's just easier to have new tabs open when I'm making sure I don't have dead links, etc. before posting.

I like the way comments at the bottom look, but your vid convinced me that the pop-up comment box is better for readers/commenters. ;)

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Okay, so when you say "Miss Fuzzette" I take that as a huge compliment! To me it means that you like me and feel like we are friends (I feel the same way). I used to use that sort of nicknaming to show the same thing, but was told (by someone I obviously misjudged) that it was "condescending." So I stopped.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

To each their own Miss Fuzzette. I think it's funny the way your blog opens tabs everywhere, but good news, it didn't for me this morning with the drop down comment thingy. If you notice where a drop down window is used the blog page doesn't have to reload. Some of our blogs take forever to load in the first place.

Yes ... guilty, it's a term of endearment. It was meant to be friendly, and I think who ever told you it wasn't was misjudging things.

The Conservative Lady said...

This blog is a great idea, Odie!
I pretty much knew about the new features on the Blogger comments. I like that the comments are listed out for's easy to check on new ones.
I've always liked the idea of the CommentLuv linking to a commenter's latest post, but it wasn't available for Blogger (now it is). Sort of like a little "thank you" for stopping by and commenting.
Anyway, I'm playing with the Intense Debate and learning as I go along. Not sure yet if I'm keeping it. They have a feature that is sort of like the spam filter, too.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving the link to this blog. I'll be back often for the advice. Sometimes I spend way too much time fooling around with this blog...just ask TCGuy.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I thank you for stopping by. As you can tell, sometimes peoples comment thingys are my pet peeves because they discourage comments rather than encourage them. If you "Love" your new comment thingy, then by all means go for it. I'll be checking it out regularly as you know. As time allows, the videos here will grow in number. Right now I've been trying to learn to use my new iPhone, get a new merchant account for accepting credit cards, making saw dust in the shop, and keeping Woodsterman current.